Unapologetic, darkly comic and poignant, Consumables is a provocative play about the extreme lengths two lonely people go to to find a connection.

Blaize, a young down-and-out porn star, responds to an internet ad from his number one fan. Leonard, a virgin in a gimp mask, spends his day preparing to finally meet the pin-up star of his adult video collection. In the small North-London council flat that has been covered in plastic, Leonard offers to serve Blaize up a very special kind of meal.

Written by Matthew Kyne Baskott.
Produced by Jason Bradbury
Directed by Louis Paxton

“Subversive and Hilarious” Consumables is a “punchy, nuanced and appropriately uncomfortable look at the desire and perils of connection.” It is “one of those rare pieces of theatre that can elicit a whole range of emotions all at once.”


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